3-inch full range speaker

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Introducing the 3-inch full range speaker, a powerful and versatile audio device perfect for various applications. Featuring a rectangular shape and composed of aluminum basin, this electric (moving coil type) speaker is designed to deliver intelligent audio with exceptional clarity and accuracy.


  • Strong high-pitched sound for crystal-clear audio
  • Excellent vocal reduction for immersive listening experience
  • Dense medium frequency for rich audio detail
  • Powerful bass for a truly captivating sound

With a 3-inch full-range unit design, this speaker delivers impressive performance. The voice coil with a four-layer line design and 25 mm thickness ensures optimal audio reproduction. With a Max of 4 mm and a sensitivity of 90dB/W, this speaker is suitable for use in multimedia devices, Bluetooth speakers, smart speakers, and home HI-FI systems. Upgrade your audio setup with the 3-inch full range speaker and enjoy a superior listening experience.