Anglo's Innovative Sound Corn-in-one Bluetooth Speaker Supports Apple Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Audio

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Introducing Anger's Innovative Sound Corell-in-one Bluetooth Speaker, the perfect companion for your audio needs. This multi-functional device not only provides high-quality sound through its Bluetooth speaker, but also supports Apple wireless charging and functions as an alarm clock. With its convenient touch operation and built-in lithium battery, you can easily connect your devices and enjoy wireless charging on the go. The speaker also boasts a sleek plastic shell design and comes in two stylish color options. Experience the ultimate audio and charging convenience with Anger's Innovative Sound Corell-in-one Bluetooth Speaker.


  • Tirelessly charges your mobile phone
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy device pairing
  • USB interface for versatile connectivity options
  • Touch operation for convenient control

Experience the perfect fusion of audio and functionality with Anger's Innovative Sound Corell-in-one Bluetooth Speaker. With its sleek design and wireless charging capabilities, this speaker is a must-have for general users. Connect your devices seamlessly using Bluetooth 5.0 and enjoy high-quality sound. Not only does it function as a speaker, but it also doubles as an alarm clock and offers a radio function for added entertainment. Its lightweight and compact design make it portable and easy to carry. Choose from the stylish all-in-one speaker-white or all-in-one speaker-pink options to suit your personal style. Upgrade your audio experience with Anger's Innovative Sound Corell-in-one Bluetooth Speaker.