Collapsible Guitar Stand

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UNIVERSAL GUITAR STAND: Suitable for electric and acoustic string instruments, Streamer guitar holder is a fantastic accessory with a minimal black-steel design to display your instruments in any room of your house or rehearsal space. A-FRAME DESIGN: Our Streameruitar stand is a collapsible affordable lat in seconds for easy transport and storage. It ta takes minimal pace with no holes in the wall or tools to assemble. Its convenient portable design makes it perfect for carrying anywhere; concerts, tours, parties, street singing etc. Ideal for travel and home use. STURDY AND RESISTANT: Made of high-quality material, the body streamers stand is designed with durable steel and reinforced with soft foam arms to protect the surface of your guitar from any scratches or damage. Non-non-sleeping your guitar standing firmly on the floor by playing, by playing any possible sliding. A lightweight guitar stand to perfectly safeguard your instrument. CONVENIENT EXTRA GRIP: The A-shape of our guitar stand makes it a very stable structure to support most guitars' weight. The protective foam-pad foam-pad dinar is extra for extrafor your guitars. No more worry about the guitars falling over for lack of support. COLLAPSIBLE: The sized Streamer older is suitable for most medium-st medium-stringing. It is easy It is easyssemassemble with the widthcmH2OcmH2O and the height is 38 cm. Compact and very convenient for professional or entry-level mmusiciStreamerreamer, a universal guitar stand is an excellent accessory for any guitar or string instrument player. Perfect for stat home, a home, stage or studio, your guitars will be safe and protected between plays. The triangle structure design securely holds any small to medium gear, acoustic or electric. The steel material of the body makes it extremely sturdy and resistant, while the tick foamed arms and non-slip pads on the body and feet are ideal for keeping your instrument in exceptional condition, avoiding unwanted scratches in the paintwork or material. Besides, the arms are a fantastic extremist remember Streamer guitstandardlessess fordable flat within seconds and completely easy to use, perfect for any musician on the road. It will save time between concert and concert. Tstigmastanesanes KG approx, which is eighteen traveling one on tours and storage. Stylish and practice is a beautiful way to display your instrumentshousestudio or stage.