Electric Kitchen Water Heater Faucet Instant Water Heater Faucet

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Tip: Be sure to plug in the power after the water is installed.

Style: single handle single hole
Whether the faucet rotates: can be rotated
Product Category: Electric faucet
Number of heat collecting tubes: 55
Control method: CNC
Type: Fully automatic
Liner material: stainless steel
Hot water yield: 460
Capacity: 50-80L
Shell material: plastic
Winter temperature: 55
Water heater type: electric faucet
Energy efficiency rating: Level 4 Logistics services
Size: 20*20*20
Heating power: 3000
Packing size: 20*20*20
Inlet mode: lower water, side near water
Net weight: 1.5 kg

Purchase Notes

1. The faucet is strictly prohibited to be installed upside-down, and must be installed vertically. When the faucet is used for the first time, it must be turned on the cold water and then powered on. When faucet is installed, please read the installation instruction.

2. The product water from 0.04 MPA to 0.6 MPA, (actual test water yield in 25 seconds with a bottle. For reference) For the product is to rely on the water pressure to start a heating device, so the first time to use the light not bright out basic can be concluded that hot water is the water pressure is not enough, if your home is not water, is to rely on water tower water Wells to water, and water pressure small, we do not recommend you to buy.

3 suggest user after each use hot water to make sure you put for a while after cold water to close the switch, so that you can avoid machine for a long time due to machine switch is not fully closed water seepage caused by low water pressure forced start, internal flow forming cycle of the machine is heated high temperature overheat protector Ran bad pranced such operation also can prolong the service life of heating tube.