Kids Wooden Ride On Unicorn Rocking Horse Plush Toy Soft Seat Pink HOM COMM

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Cute Design: Features a white and pink unicorn animal on the top which is soft, plush and beautiful. Wood& Reinforced Steel Frame: Strong, sturdy and lightweight, it rocks backwards and forwards smoothly.Musical Button: Located on the ear, it plays a soft lullaby they��ll love rocking to for many hours. COMFORTABLE: Wide seat and high back keeps them secure and comfortable.Front Handlebar & Footrest: Allows them to sit and hold on safely whilst rocking. DIMENSIONS: 55H x 65L x 32Wcm. Seat to floor: 38cm.MAXIMUM WEIGHT 50KG, AGES 18 MONTHS+. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. 3 X LR44 BATTERIES REQUIRED (INCLUDED).