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No wires or pairing needed!
Place your phone or device onto the speaker and the sound will instantly amplify.
New technology allows the speaker to interact with the speaker on your device.
The sound is instantly magnified, and because there are no cords or connections.
The sound box is compatible with any device which has an external speaker.

You'll be amazed at the sound boost you get just from touching your phone to the speaker.
Fashionable and high-end equipment, not only satisfies your own awesome music enjoyment, needsbbut can also be used as a present for friends.
This wireless speaker is perfect for outdoor entertaining or as a travel speaker, with the built-inn rechargeable battery lasting a whopping 10 hours per charge!

Product size: 122*100*100mm
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Output power: 3W*2
SNR: ≥ 70db
Audio format: MP3
Frequency range: 40Hz~20KHz
Battery: Built-in lithium battery

Package includes:
1 x Wireless Induction Speaker
1 x Charge Cable
1 x User Manual