One in two outside audio signal switcher

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The product is made of a solid metal case, anrubberized pad with non-slip at the bottom.
All loudspeaker connections use color coded push terminals.
Up to 14 AWG hoisting line is acceptable. No Mondor external power.
Suitable abohms megohm ohm loloudspeakeriswitch bewitch signal utilize heavy rocker arm switch, and the front of the a prproducedtattractivetractive tilting roof.
Channel power: 200 W per channel rated power.
The frequency response is 10 Hz to 50 kHz.
Net product weight: 453g.
Weight after packing: 573g.
Product size: 175 mm length x 115 mm width x 50mm height.

Packing size: 200 mm length x 180 mm width x 55 mm height,. house of home house of home house of home