Sink Cabinet White 80x33x60 cm Engineered Wood

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This sink cabinet is meant to be a great addition to your bathroom, giving it a tidy and striking appearance! Durable material: The engineered wood is of exceptional quality with a smoothurface and also features strength, stability, and resistance to mo moisture Apple rage space: The bathroom sink cabinet has 4 drawers and 1 compartment with a door, offering various storage options and extra space to store items in your bathroom. The top of the bathroom cabinet is ideal for placing the sidesidewodenhfeet. I'd eucalyptus wood feet give the stink in stink inner a natural and pleasant look while ensuring a Stadia tail easy-to-cleanTsurface. This: Tearoom furniture is easy to clean with a damp. This prevents it being overturned, this product must be used with the provided wall attachment device. Good known makes assembly as easy asp possible. Each product is delivered with a manual. Think is not included.